Housefull Movie Music Review

Friday, April 23, 2010

Like him, love him or hate him, but one just cannot ignore actor, comedian and now successful director Sajid Khan, who was at one time better known as the kid brother of super successful director and internationally famous choreographer, Farah Khan.

However Sajid's directorial debut venture, HEYY BABYY proved that he was just not all about jokes and wise cracks. His film was a roller coaster fun ride with all the elements of comedy, drama and emotions thrown into it thus making HEYY BABYY a good hit. The composers, the talented trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy too rose to the occasion and delivered music that complemented the film. The title track that featured the Australian girl band was a rage and 'Mast Kalander' , the 'qawwali' featuring Shah Rukh Khan (essaying a cameo) and Akshay Kumar brought the house down. So, can we expect the repeat of a similar success from the team that gave us HEYY BABYY? Well, all pointers are to the fact that yes, we can and we should!

The album gets a super groovy start with the highly infectious 'Oh Girl You Are Mine..'. Ever since the promo of the song was shown across all major channels and portals, one could not help but hum this highly rhythmic number, such is the infectious charm of the song. The beauty of the track lies in its beautiful rhythm that is very groovy, and the two relatively new singers in form of Tarun Sagar and Alyssa Mendonsa, who have very distinct vocals that are dew fresh and pleasing to the ears. They are given adequate support by Loy Mendonsa himself, who pitches in to lend the song its unique touch. The absolutely bewitching music arrangements consisting of beautiful harmonica sounds and soft percussions are in harmony with the light romantic feel of the song. Lyricist Sameer makes an appearance for S-E-L after a while and one must add that he has done a good job of mixing Hindi and English words thereby making the song more youth oriented and cashing in on the urban appeal of the lead female protagonists like Deepika and Lara.

The song appears in its remixed version as 'Oh Girl You Are Mine..Oh Boy! What A Girli Mix' rearranged by DJ Whosane. In fact all the remixes in the film are done by the team. A superb job done by the creative team which has not tampered much with the vocals and just upped the tempo a wee bit. The work on the arrangement is classy and absolutely different from the original and the deadly rhythm remains intact . The instruments used are western but the ethnic touch rendered to the song is worth lauding.

After a chilled out romantic composition, its time to get naughty and S-E-L work their magic with 'Papa Jag Jayega', a totally hilarious situational number that features a zombie like sleep walking Boman Irani , with the lead actors Akshay and Ritesh trying to woo Deepika and Lara without waking Papa up! Akshay's very own voice, Neeraj Sridhar, who together have belted out numerous chartbusters, comes in to render the song along with Ritu Pathak and Alyssa Mendonsa. The situation is quite similar to Amitabh Bachchan's evergreen 'Pyaar Hamein Kis Mod Pe Le Aaya' (SATTE PE SATTA) and the team has done a wonderful job of churning out a chartbuster in form of 'Papa Jag Jayega'. Though the credit for the song goes to the lyricist Amitabh Bhattarcharya, who is simply at his creative and humorous best, almost like the late Anand Bakshi, who was a master at writing such situational and day to day used wordings. Shall we say that we have another Anand Bakshi in the making? Definitely! Sample the zany lyrics to believe us, 'Oomph bhari teri beauty re, Yaara tardpaye , Agan lagi heavy duty re, Masti si chadh jaye.' The background synthesized rhythm is great and so is the arrangement, which once again is light and in keeping with the situation.

The remix is aptly titled as the 'Insane Insomaniac Mix' and once again is a job well done. Though the tempo has been heightened a bit too much for comfort but that has been compensated by some very zany sounds and arrangements.

After two two probable chartbusters, we encounter yet another one, 'Aapka Kya Hoga (Dhanno)'. Well you guessed it right, it is the much talked about remix of megastar Amitabh Bachchan's iconic number from LAWAARIS, 'Apni To Jaise Taise' by Kalyanji Anandji . Nostalgia grips as we are sucked deep into the beauty and the deadly rhythm of the super classy, well shall we say, massy number that rocked the nation for quite a while and is still evergreen in the minds of Amitabh Bachchan fans. Remixing of old classics is in fashion but full points to the composers for choosing the number that is still relatively new for the youths of today and they have just used the deadly 'mukhra' for the remix, otherwise the 'antara' is very different. In fact its not just the tune that has undergone a change, even the lyrics (by Sameer) are not the same, as per the demand of the script. Naturally the situation in both the films are very different and so the composers have wisely picked up what was required from the original , giving it their own distinct techno 'qawwali' touch and lo, behold, we have yet another firecracker, that will surely set the screens on fire when the 'Khiladi' gyrates to the number, shaking his booty! Mika deserves brownie points and he is the 'jaan' of the number, as he renders the song in his typical carefree and slightly nasal 'Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag' style which was indeed the prerequisite for the number. This is applause worthy, despite the presence of the queen of item numbers , Sunidhi Chauhan, who is at her seductive best. The director, Sajid Khan too supports the artists in their endeavour to make the song a memorable affair, which indeed it is and we are already looking forward to seeing how he goes about picturising this one on screen (though we have seen a few glimpses). What must be kept in mind is that Akshay's last remix 'India Se Aaya Mera Dost' (CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA) promised much but the song turned out to be quite a dampener on screen, but we are sure director Sajid will surely add his innovative 'tadka' to the song.

It appears that director Sajid is very much enamoured (like his sister Farah) with the 'masala' movies and music of the seventies (though in this number the sixties too has been taken into consideration), and after the remix we chance upon yet another song that makes us go down the memory lane in form of , 'I don't Know What To Do' . And in comes in veteran singer, late Rafi voiced Shabbir Kumar (Amitabh Bachchan's voice in the mid-80s), to render the number in his own unique lovable style. Shabbir ruled the eighties and was the true successor to the legend, late Mohammad Rafi. He surely lights up the song with his singing and shows that he has lost none of his charm as he sings and emotes as well. However this time it is Sunidhi Chauhan who emerges the showstopper as she is simply superb, modulating her vocals and singing in the characteristic nasal style of the yore (Shamshad Begum et al.). The song is a situational one and will serve to spice up proceedings and its popularity will depend upon how well it's been choreographed and used in the film. The lyrics by Sameer are quite funny and once again he shows his class by juggling up Hindi and English words to suit the situation.

The 'I Don't Know What To Do Remix' labelled as Shabbir's Sexy 70s Mix by DJ Whosane is another class act by the team and all credit to them to make the song more of a dance oriented track. Shabbir is in his elements here and the way he exercises his vocals, from low to high pitch is amazing. In fact he overshadows Sunidhi here.

The album comes to a hilarious end with the entirely situational 'Loser' and the lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya gets to showcase his vocal prowess here and must add he does a fine job. Although its Vivienne Pocha all the way who is absolutely superb as she sings in deep husky vocals demeaning the poor guy, Ritesh Deshmukh, who is shown to be a loser in the film. In fact the hilarity of the situation can be gauged from the number such is the apt effect of the lyrics. 'Friday the 13 manhoos kahlaye, Birthday par iske yeh bhi sharmaye.' The intelligent director has once again (just like HEYY BABYY) cashed in on Ritesh's 'on screen' hapless guy image and the song will definitely work like a superb comic scene in the film and we are sure the audience will be rolling down with laughter. Although the song and the tune itself is nothing great, it's just the situation that has been handled well.

Summing up, the album is another fun ride as we encounter one chartbuster after another, and hats off to the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, who have once again shown that they have the potential to compose as per the demand of the makers and the script. Their last album, MY NAME IS KHAN, is still ruling the charts and we are sure that with HOUSEFULL they will continue to dominate the music charts for a while. The sure fire hits are our picks, 'Oh Girl You Are Mine', 'Papa Jag Jayega' and 'Aap Ka Kya Hoga' . Although what needs to be mentioned here is that the two albums are so very very different, both belonging to such diverse genres, one a purely commercial comic drama while the other a slightly off beat , serious fare. Yet in both the cases, S-E-L have excelled and that shows their class, versatility and genius.

Rating - 4/5


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